GushSesh: Murakami novel cover


I’ll be defining a GushSesh as a cathartic post for me to pour all my feelings out onto. Not many people understand why I might squeal over a certain color combination or declare that recursion is an art form. However, I feel like I will burst if my gushing is contained. So here goes, get ready!

So this number caught my eye as I was perusing the new fiction section of Barnes and Noble. The newest translated book by Murakami! After 1Q84, I was hooked on magical realism. But wait there’s more. What is this equally magical cover design I see?

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Florida Winter Break Trip


For Christmas I splurged and got the Tokina ultra wide angle 11-16mm f/2.8 lens. When I did get the manual focusing down, the images were crisp and sharp. Below are some shots of my vacation spent at Miami, the Everglades, and Key West. Wide angle shots are taken with the Tokina. Telephoto are taken with the Nikon kit 55-200mm lens. Got to get my focusing game on before I go to Dubai in a month. Hopefully new glasses will help that.

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My First 3D Print! Like Ever!


So as a commission from my STEM professor, I designed and printed a 3D logo for our STEM Incubator class. This is the first iteration, and I’m pretty pleased with it. This took hours of toying around with in Maya (though I did import the Adobe Illustrator file) and messing with the render settings. So here are my different stages of development. The process was definitely a good way to learn how to 3D print and tackle the Maya learning curve with I swear has a slope of close to infinity.

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Dorm Hacks

SuitestLife (1 of 4)

So my life goal is to build a treehouse. Not just a skimpy platform on a low-hanging branch, but a full out treeHOUSE complete with rooms, doors, and balconies. However, right now life has assigned me to a 13 by 13 square foot box, otherwise known as a dormitory room. So to remain in denial about my meager living situation, I decided to give the room an upgrade. This post is partially for talking about how I tackled the challenges of a tight college living quarter and created an exciting and comfortable place to live but mostly it’s for gushing about how proud I am of my room. So here it is:

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