The serendipitous intersection of language


Something that has never ceased to fascinate me is the art of translation. Being bilingual and growing up in dual cultures, I realize quite obviously that there are phrases that cannot be translated accurately. These lost in translation treasures are uniquely defined by the connotation that comes with the phrase. There are histories, feelings, memories, cultures associated with the phrase that cannot be carried over to a corresponding phrase in another language with the same denotation. Specific words make you feel specific things. Even the sounds that make up a word mean things to us. There are combinations of letters that make us feel a cacophonous sound; likewise there are soothing words. Continue reading

GushSesh: Murakami novel cover


I’ll be defining a GushSesh as a cathartic post for me to pour all my feelings out onto. Not many people understand why I might squeal over a certain color combination or declare that recursion is an art form. However, I feel like I will burst if my gushing is contained. So here goes, get ready!

So this number caught my eye as I was perusing the new fiction section of Barnes and Noble. The newest translated book by Murakami! After 1Q84, I was hooked on magical realism. But wait there’s more. What is this equally magical cover design I see?

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