“Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere”


Towards the end of May, we decided to take another trip to the mountains in Ras Al Khaimah before it became too hot to camp there during the night. While we were driving through the off-road trail to our normal spot, I leaned my head out of the window and stretched my hand towards the sky. The Milky Way! You could see the Milky Way with your bare eyes. We curse at ourselves since none of us brought our cameras. But we swore we would be back soon.

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Waking up in Hatta


After a night camping in Ras Al Khaimah with the crew, we decided to end the trip with a drive to a dam in Dubai-Hatta. We arrived shortly before sunrise, and took time to stroll along the dam. Throwing rocks down the slope and into the water. The air was just beginning to warm up. I walked to the edge of the reservoir. One side was the expansive lake, the other was a plunging cliff. I swung myself over the railing and sat on the edge. In the distant were roosters crowing and the sound of a village waking up. I breathed in the expanse and closed my eyes.

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Dubai Rising


My abroad experience ended on June 12th, when my flight took off and left the place I had come to call home for four months. I came quietly and left loudly. In the hours before my departure, some friends took me around Dubai, blasting music and running through malls. It is unbelievable how one loses the ability to process goodbyes when it is finally real. After tight hugs and goodbyes, I had to sprint towards my gate to make the boarding time. I finally decide to edit some remaining pictures from my semester abroad a month after I left. I could barely believe I was ever there. And at the same time I could barely believe I’m not there anymore. Suddenly the skyscrapers seemed so close, and the hot, night air at my fingertips. Dubai rises in from the scorching sands of the Arabia, and Dubai rises from deep within my heart.

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Star Chasing


Last Thursday night I traveled with a group of friends to Ras Al Khaimah, determined to capture the brilliance of the night sky and make some good kebabs. The scenery absolutely blew my breath away. That night while sleeping underneath the stars I couldn’t help but stay wide awake. Being under so many stars was totally unreal. Every few minutes airplanes would streak across the sky, quietly roaring and flashing bright lights.

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