Dubai Rising

My abroad experience ended on June 12th, when my flight took off and left the place I had come to call home for four months. I came quietly and left loudly. In the hours before my departure, some friends took me around Dubai, blasting music and running through malls. It is unbelievable how one loses the ability to process goodbyes when it is finally real. After tight hugs and goodbyes, I had to sprint towards my gate to make the boarding time. I finally decide to edit some remaining pictures from my semester abroad a month after I left. I could barely believe I was ever there. And at the same time I could barely believe I’m not there anymore. Suddenly the skyscrapers seemed so close, and the hot, night air at my fingertips. Dubai rises in from the scorching sands of the Arabia, and Dubai rises from deep within my heart.

The following pictures are taken at the Oberoi Hotel in Dubai. I was driving through Dubai with a friend looking to take some night cityscape photos. We looked totally out of place as we crawled around the luxury hotel with photography gear in tow. I was in casual lounge wear, the hotel residents were in floor length dresses and crisp suits. However, no one commented on how suspicious we looked so we got away with it. In fact we got away with a lot. At the floor with the pool, I found a stairwell that led to the roof. When no one was around, we lugged our gear to the roof and captured some panoramic shots of the city.

DSC_0329 DSC_0380DSC_0374

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