GushSesh: Murakami novel cover

I’ll be defining a GushSesh as a cathartic post for me to pour all my feelings out onto. Not many people understand why I might squeal over a certain color combination or declare that recursion is an art form. However, I feel like I will burst if my gushing is contained. So here goes, get ready!

So this number caught my eye as I was perusing the new fiction section of Barnes and Noble. The newest translated book by Murakami! After 1Q84, I was hooked on magical realism. But wait there’s more. What is this equally magical cover design I see?


After my initial literary heart attack, I composed myself, steadied my breathing, and decided to take this one step at a time. The cover jacket adeptly labels the novel’s title and author among and with the iconic and representative graphics with ease. In between the spacious blank expanse, an abundance of information is conveyed. Form within void, void within form. The execution is one of a virtuoso. A hand, half form and half void beckons to the reader. The geometric figures entices the expectant reader with hope of more. The juxtaposition of solid colors corresponding to a map snippet is suggestively shown through a clear plastic window of the cover. Of course, I peel the cover back.


An abstracted railway map is what greets me. Red line, blue line, white line, and black line are now figures within a minimalist canvas.


Flip the page, and we arrive at the start of the cover pages. You got it, I said cover pages, not cover page. On the left side, a colored railway diagram is shown. On the right, it transitions to monochromatic grey as the first word, “Colorless,” of the title is introduced. Ingenious. I’m dying again.


But wait that is not all. The titles of Murakami’s other works and more words from the novel’s title roll out as we cruise through the railway line stops from left to right.

IMG_20150103_222223222 IMG_20150103_222234252

Who said motifs can’t be flexible? Well this designer sure doesn’t. Hello railway stop circles again! Now new and improved to function as decorative and directive symbols.


Also, new and improved hand. A hand with more information. Bet that’ll give you a more loaded handshake.


Oh man, the hand is evolving. Now we are in the deconstructivism age.


And finally the novel starts. At this point I’m just really done. Who is this amazing designer? Who is this kid? And by kid I mean Chip Kidd. A scan of the back inside jacket fold reveals the name of the designer. I need to remind myself to stalk his work at some point. But for now, rant done. The world is too beautiful for me.


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