“Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere”

Towards the end of May, we decided to take another trip to the mountains in Ras Al Khaimah before it became too hot to camp there during the night. While we were driving through the off-road trail to our normal spot, I leaned my head out of the window and stretched my hand towards the sky. The Milky Way! You could see the Milky Way with your bare eyes. We curse at ourselves since none of us brought our cameras. But we swore we would be back soon.

That night as everyone else drifted to sleep I couldn’t help but stay awake. It was unreal. I have never seen so many stars. I got up, grabbed my flashlight and walked off into the dark. Throwing my head up, I switched off the flashlight and walked by starlight. I proceeded to do something I hadn’t done for months–talk to God. Something in the sky almost begged me to talk to creator of it all. So I was frank with Him. I told Him I didn’t understand a lot of life. The pain, the confusion, and the irony. I told Him I wasn’t sure of anything, but there was something I couldn’t deny. The whole universe leaning down and holding you. It was awesome in the way the word was originally defined. I kept walking while looking up. Soon, I could see faint city lights twinkling in the distance. I had the sudden urge to climb higher to see the city. So unlit flashlight in hand and wearing only flip flops, I felt my way up rocks and boulders until I could go no higher. I lay down and stared directly into the sky. From the distance I could hear the hum of the morning call to prayer. I reach my hand into the sky and run my fingers through the stars. When I opened my eyes again I realize that the sun had risen. I had fallen asleep on top of a mountain. One toss or turn and I would have landed at the bottom of the cliff. I descend the mountain and head back towards the camp, ready to bring my camera for the next time we came out here.

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